There may be adverse consequences for a company to have bad reputation online! The majority of those who encounter it will rely on what is written. In addition, the bad publicity of your business could have a major impact on people’s further decision-making process. A survey conducted by YouGov * shows the following analysis:

78 % trust online publicity and reviews of companies – whether it is good or bad.

39 % always, or often, seek publicity of a company online before they decide.

Out of them, 70 % would choose not to enter into a partnership with the company which was involved in bad publicity. The result is that the company loses 27% of potential new orders and agreements if it has bad publicity online.


A good reputation has never been more important

Today, with the obvious benefits of the Internet, it is possible/so easy to search and find information about a company. Therefore, it has never been more important to have control over the company’s online reputation. You have only one chance to give a good first impression to potential customers, employees and partners.

The purpose of SAFEonNET ® is to help companies preserve and protect their good reputation online, and it pays off to have a good reputation – the opposite may have consequences for your business and, consequently, your employees.


Bad reputation could cost jobs

Bad publicity of a company can, in the worst cases, impair a company’s reputation and earning potential to such an extent that it can result in both layoffs and closures. Bad publicity can be both well deserved and undeserved, however, bad publicity is often based on misunderstandings and before any kind of mediation between the company and the customer has taken place the damage has been done.

”Can you find the perfect company where there are no mistakes committed? If it could be done, it would only employ completely error-free people. But when no humans are error-free, the answer to the question must be a clear ‘no’.”William Atak, CEO SAFEonNET®.

With SAFEonNET ® we believe that most people deserve a (second) chance. That is the reason why we also insure companies which get well deserved bad reputation online, but where the error is seen as being a single mistake. However, we don’t forget those who have already been involved with bad experiences, therefore we always try to build a bridge between the company and the aggrieved party.

Why SAFEonNET® rather than regular online reputation management?

If you find bad reputation about your business online, it can be both time consuming and very expensive to fix the damage with a regular Online Reputation Management process – this can often cost around 100,000 Danish kroners or more.

By insuring your business with SAFEonNET® you are guaranteed both a far cheaper and more comprehensive protection of your company’s reputation online. SAFEonNET® can prevent any possible, future bad publicity of enterprises and also intervene as soon as the bad publicity appears. In other words, with SAFEonNET® you save both time and money because it is cheaper to prevent a fire rather than to extinguish the flames.

*These figures come from a survey carried out by YouGov Analysis Institute in collaboration with SAFEonNET®. Between 17th and 18th Dec, 2014 there were a total of 1,032 completed CAWI interviews with Danes aged between 18-74 years.*

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