What is SAFEonNET?

SAFEonNET® is your insurance against bad reputation related to your company online.

With SAFEonNET®, you can insure your company’s name and reputation online. You can also insure variations of your company name, product brands and associated key people against bad reputation online, so it will not have consequences for either the company’s reputation or earning potential.

The purpose of SAFEonNET® is to help companies maintain their good reputation online.

Your insurance against bad reputation

The purpose of SAFEonNET® is to help companies to maintain their good reputation online, to prevent decline in revenues and to preserve jobs. Bad publicity of a company can have major financial consequences and damage a company’s reputation in the long term.

SAFEonNET® do not intend to bury all the bad publicity, but to protect the proper function of businesses and jobs.

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