SAFE ON NET is the worlds first reputation insurance company, with a multinational Safety Center based in a secure location in Copenhagen, Denmark. With certified consultants working from offices all over the world, SAFE ON NET Global insures and protects pan global companies, institutions and vulnerable employees.

We have carefully chosen Copenhagen for our Safety Center as Denmark is the country in the world with lowest crime rate, highest average education level and number one on the list of countries with least corruption in the world. In other words, if you got to trust anyone to protect your company, SAFE ON NET is likely to be you preferred partner.

The CEO and Founder of Safe On Net William Atak, has worked with Reputation Management for the past 11 years. Before founding SAFE ON NET he has been running a succesful, tripple rewarded for growth company, consulting anything from high profiled politicians to exposed large enterprises, vulnerable to speculative forces on the stock market.

Until today there has been no protection against the dangers luring online. Dangers that can damage and under the right (or wrong) circumstances close, even the most well run companies in just a few months.

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